7″ Glass Singing Pyramid With Mallet


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7″ Glass Singing Pyramid With Mallet

Taking the advice of our ancestors that used this source for thousands of years, the pyramid is returning as a strong sound healing device. Pyramids have a high vibrational energy and when played they create wonderful voluminous healing tones.

There is a host of benefits to Pyramid healing including, raising your vibration, increasing your ability to amplify your intentions to manifest your desires, releasing pain and helping with self-limiting patterns and beliefs.

Pyramids are also very useful for charging your crystals, stones and just about anything else that you place under it.

Each part of this pyramid emits a different healing vibrational sound. Place over various parts of your body to emit the healing energy to that area or just hold by the hand and strike it with the included mallet and let the energy go where it is intuitively guided to.