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Welcome To The Measure Your Nutrition Assessment Quiz!

This quiz was created in order to help you discover where you may have room for improvement in healthy nutrition attributes and is not a full health assessment or diagnosis. When finished you will receive your results immediately so please answer all 20 questions. These questions were drawn from an extensive review of medical and scientific journals relating to the subject of holistic nutrition. Please enter your email to begin.

Do you eat enough organic fruits and vegetables?
Do you supplement your diet with superfoods?
Do you follow a dietary strategy that is right for your body's unique biochemistry?
Do you always consider the ingredients of a meal whenever possible?
Do you consume primarily a plant-based diet?
Is your weight proportionate to your bone structure?
Do you enjoy a 'cheat meal' when necessary to help keep you on track?
Do you find yourself feeling like you need to workout more often to offset poor eating habits?
Do you supplement your diet with high quality vitamins and minerals?
Do you know your current body fat %?
Have you been tested for food allergens?
Do you avoid eating processed foods?
Do you avoid consuming high fructose corn syrup?
Do you eat based on your known nutritional needs instead of food cravings?
Are you an emotional eater who tends to eat more unhealthy food choices when upset?
How often do you eat foods that are fried?
Do you periodically cleanse your digestive tract and colon by doing a nutritional detox?
Do you meet your hydration needs daily?
Do you eat smaller meals more often rather than fewer but larger meals?
Do you feel energized rather than tired after a meal?