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Welcome To The Measure Your Spiritual Health Quiz!

This quiz was created in order to help discover where you may have room for improvement in spiritual wellness. When finished you will receive your results immediately so please answer all 25 questions. Please enter your email to begin.

Do you feel 'connected' to a power greater than yourself?
Do you feel that life has profound meaning?
Do you enjoy watching the sunset/sunrise?
Are you bothered by vertigo/dizziness?
Can you openly discuss your feelings with others?
How often do you pray or communicate with a higher power?
How often do you meditate?
How often to you spend time in nature/outdoors?
Do you consider yourself to be nurturing and/or supportive of others?
When necessary are you able to put the needs of others in front of yours?
Are you grateful for life and the opportunity to make a difference for the better?
Do you believe that having morals and principles are important?
Do you get overwhelmed by the tasks and responsibilities of daily life?
Do you feel energetic and positive about life?
Do you have high self-esteem and self-acceptance/forgiveness?
Are you easily angered or impatient?
Do you feel an inner source of peace and calm regardless of uncontrollable situations?
Are you compassionate and generous with your time, resources and finances?
Do you use your intuition and instinct regularly for decision-making in life?
Is it easy for you to relax?
Do you have a good work/life balance?
Do you seek spiritual guidance for answers and meaning in tough situations?
Do you have a sense that you are supported by something greater than yourself?
Are you able to let down your guard and be humble/vulnerable with others?
Do you feel as though you are on a spiritual journey in life and see it as a true blessing?