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Holistic Kingdom is dedicated to bringing you the latest information about personal and global health news and solutions as they happen.

We believe that the health of our global environment is directly related to the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of each individual collectively.

Exciting advancements in science and technology are being brought to life everyday to benefit the environment and our collective health.

So, we bring you important insights and commentary regarding environmental and humanitarian well-being because healthier people make for a healthier world!

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plant-based meat alternatives

14 Tasty Plant-Based Meat Options And Where You Can Get Them

The Plant-Based Meat Market Is Expanding Rapidly According to research firm Markets and Markets, the plant-based meat industry is estimated ...
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technology meditator spirituality

Does Modern Technology Help Or Hinder Spirituality?

Are Spirituality And Technology Finding Common Ground? In our modern world we are seeing two cultural movements that appear, on ...
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Modern ‘Holistic Health Approach’ Guides For Personal Well-Being And A Healthier Lifestyle

With new scientific discoveries and technological advancements in human health continually pushing the envelope we have outlined a very modern approach to mind, body and spirit wellness.

As a resource for learning and living a holistic lifestyle, our guides our filled with information presented editorially that includes factual and scientific based evidence to support the points made.

holistic health lifestyle graphic

Take Your Wellness To The Next Level Using These Modern Methods

We are living in a truly amazing time when ancient wisdom is converging with modern techniques in the health and …


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