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~ Optimizing and enhancing your body’s energy field also known as the biofield is the new yet ancient frontier of global well-being. Historically also known by terms such as prana, chi, scalar, orgone and life force this is the metaphysical energy that pervades all life, including humans ~

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Enhance And Fortify Your Biofield aka Lifeforce Energy With An Orgone Pendant

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Balance And Enhance The Energy Of A Room Or Office (And Mitigate EMFs) With An Orgone Pyramid

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Enhance Well-Being And Neutralize Negative Energies With A Shungite Stone Product

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Create A More Harmonized Resonance Throughout The Body, Mind And Spirit With A Healing Tuning Fork

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Level Up The Vibrations With Crystal Singing Bowl Sets For Sound Healing And Therapy

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Create Deep Relaxation And Peace Of Mind With A Tibetan Singing Bowl For Meditation

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Our Latest Featured Blog Post Has Important Information About EMF Protection

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