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    What Is The Holistic Approach To Health?

    Holistic health is an all encompassing pursuit of optimal wellness that includes mind, body and spirit in which you are encouraged to take an active role in the maintenance of a holistic lifestyle. All roads lead to one on this wellness journey but there are infinite ways to pursue living more holistically. The holistic path to health is to be discovered through intuition following, experimentation, self-awareness, instinct, and trial and error. Humans all have slightly different biochemistry so your holistic wellness will be achieved through your own unique holistic health practices.

    Anything with the word holistic in front of it means a comprehensive approach and when it comes to health and wellness this means the entire person or being which includes mind, body and spirit. The spirit is the magic of the holistic approach that typically is not included or addressed in other health and wellness strategies. It is this synergy of mind, body and spirit that creates total wellness!

    Below we have segmented our version of the holistic health lifestyle into sections that will serve as a foundation of understanding. Below each numbered section is a link to one of our complete guides on the subject where we elaborate on a multitude of holistic therapies and techniques within each category.

    1. Physical Wellness

    physical wellness

    Physical wellness is a beginning point and foundation for holistic health and helps create a balance with other aspects of the holistic approach.


    2. Holistic Medicine

    naturopathic holistic medicine herbal remedies

    Naturopathy, herbal remedies, holistic pain management, detoxification and treating the person, not the symptom.


    3. Holistic Nutrition

    holistic nutrition table

    Personalized meal plans and dietary needs, individualized supplements, philosophies of nutrient intake ratios, and cooking styles.


    4. Mindfulness Meditation

    mindfulness meditation buddha

    Mindfulness practice can include many different styles of meditation including, sound, brainwave, visualization and much more.


    5. Energy Healing

    energy healing practitioner

    Massage, self healing and many other therapeutic practices, done by one’s self, with practitioners or in groups.


    6. Holistic Home Environment

    holistic home

    Eliminating indoor pollution, using feng-shui, whole home water filtering, indoor gardening, creating tranquility and more.


    7. Spiritual Wellness

    spiritual wellness zen balance rocks ocean beach

    Spiritual wellness defined with examples of what it encompasses and techniques on how to improve your spirit.


    8. Global Citizenry

    global citizenry

    Earth stewardship, reducing footprint, energy conservation, finding purpose and community involvement.


    Different Techniques Are Necessary For Different Individuals

    Everyone responds to things a little differently so some will find benefits among certain holistic techniques only to receive less than desired results from another. It is worth mentioning that a resistance to wanting to participate in a particular health and wellness activity could indicate an area for greatest improvement. Intuition, instinct and prayer should always reign as the guiding force behind the holistic seekers path. One may find optimal well-being through a combination of vinyasa yoga, reiki healing, organic juicing, hiking, herbal tinctures, music meditations, and art. While another may find their holistic path with tai-chi practice, johrei healing, a Mediterranean diet, running, cleansing supplements, vipassana meditation, and volunteer work. The key is in creating your own balanced holistic lifestyle!


    Understanding the broad domain of the holistic health approach helps to clarify the ingredients necessary for creating an optimal wellness lifestyle. The great news is that each individual gets to discover what works for themselves to create the best programs and strategies. While seeking advice from professionals is recommended the holistic approach to health involves the individual ultimately understanding what works best for themselves. No two people are alike so neither will be there optimal mix of wellness practices. You can undoubtedly find support from other holistic seekers in your local community and group wellness activities are very beneficial. The holistic path is full of epiphanies and discoveries of new and effective techniques that will inspire, motivate and encourage one to continue on their journey to well-being and wholeness.

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