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How To Radically Improve Your Wellness With Current Technologies (And Science)

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Biohacking Explained Biohacking is a term used to describe how to improve your wellness in a very efficient manner. New technology and scientific discoveries are allowing for more dramatic results and faster too. Because let’s face it, why do things in a slower and more inefficient way that is less effective? It’s a fast-paced modern Read More …

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Universal Mind: How To Tap Into The Ultimate Creative Genius Mindset

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What Is Universal Mind? Creative geniuses Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein both attributed their intelligence to something beyond deliberate thinking. They described a state in which they tapped into a universal intelligence often called universal mind and in this state was where they received their grandest inspiration and inventions. “The gift of mental power comes Read More …

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The Ancient Practice Of Mindfulness Meditation Meets Modern Technology

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How To Meditate With Technology… Driven by a flood of recent scientific evidence, neuroscience technology, consumer demand, and new user interface (UI) technologies, meditation is taking on a whole new existence. It is becoming smarter, faster, more powerful and easier to practice anywhere. Mental wellness is a major goal and concern for much of the Read More …

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How To Personalize Your Nutrition With Smartphone Apps (And Technology)

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What Is Personalized Nutrition? Personalized nutrition using the latest in smart technology is a burgeoning wellness market segment that aims to help you take the guess work out of your nutritional needs. It involves receiving personalized dietary recommendations from a licensed nutritionist, personalized meal plans and custom recipes. The unique-to-the-individual nutrition suggestions are then made Read More …