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How Is The Enormous Role Technology Plays In The Modern World Affecting The Well-Being Of Humanity?

In an important study conducted by the Pew Research Center of Washington DC, 1150 acclaimed scholars, technology experts and health specialists from all over the world were asked, “Over the next decade how will changes in digital life impact peoples’ overall well-being physically and mentally?” (source)
Their revealing answers to this question produced themes of both positive and negative outcomes:

Positive Effects Of Technology

  • Human Connection
  • Improved Healthcare
  • More Learning Opportunities
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Global Idea Sharing
  • Quality Of Life
  • At Home Fitness And Wellness

Negative Effects Of Technology

  • Internet Addiction
  • Depression And FOMO
  • Cognitive Issues
  • Eye Strain
  • Privacy Issues
  • Can Spread Misinformation
  • Low Level Radiation
~ Our mission at Holisitc Kingdom is to help lessen the negative effects of digital technology and enhance the positives. ~

How To Protect Your Well-Being Against ‘Always On’ Modern Technologies

Modern technologies that make all of our apps, streaming services, trackers, gadgets and videos work have taken over the world and for many good reasons. But, along with that ‘always on’ technology, you have extra exposure to the WiFi, EMF/EMR, cellular and now 5G electropollution.
And if you want to know if this ‘low level’ radiation is safe or harmful – our advice is not to ask a phone company or WiFi provider. The truth is there is an ever-growing amount of scientific data that is indicating that this ‘low level’ radiation is harmful to human health and well-being.
Now, for the record, we don’t say this to alarm people or suggest you go run off and live in a bunker. What we do suggest is learning how to protect yourself and lessen your exposure to ‘low level’ radiation because it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Ultimately Health And Well-Being Starts In Your Body’s Energy Field

Optimizing and enhancing your body’s energy field also known as the biofield is the new yet ancient frontier of global well-being. Historically also known by terms such as prana, chi, scalar, orgone and life force this is the metaphysical energy that pervades all life, including humans.
New technology that transmits EMFs on a now global level through massive cellular towers isn’t necessarily harmful to the physical body. However, these unnatural frequencies are constantly transmitting and consequently interacting with your body’s energy field which is of far greater concern to many health officials.
The negative effects of these unnatural EMFs are still being researched but the connection between discord in the human biofield and illness has already been scientifically established. In other words dis-ease in the physical body can be traced back to the energetic field of the body.

Our All Natural Solutions To Protect Your Well-Being From EMFs And Other Negative Energy

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