Chakra Tuning Forks

chakra tuning fork set on display table

     Chakra tuning forks are wonderful tools used for sound healing therapy. They are fairly simple to ‘activate’ as the frequency sound vibration is achieved through striking the tuning fork with a mallet or tapping it on a rubber puck.

There are a variety of ways to use chakra tuning forks for sound healing benefits. Some of the most popular and effective techniques are as follows:

◊ You can activate the tuning fork and place the handle directly on the corresponding chakra energy center on the body, such as the heart, third eye or solar plexus.

◊ You may hover the tuning fork over the specific chakra centers on the body to heal and circulate the energetic flow.

◊ You can simply hold the tuning fork up in the air in front of you. The sound healing frequencies will travel automatically to the appropriate chakra as needed.

     Chakra tuning forks emit different frequencies measured in hertz (Hz) and this determines the type of sound therapy that is intended. For example, a tuning fork set to emit a frequency of 194.18 Hz will have benefits for the Root Chakra energy center.

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