Copper Pyramids

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     It has been proven through science that copper charging pyramids operate essentially as high-efficiency electromagnetic frequency generators. Here’s a break down of how a copper pyramid works:

First of all a pyramid is a form of Sacred Geometry, meaning its structure coincides with the Golden Ratio of Phi (1.618). Because of this special shape it is able to harness Cosmic energies, as in those energies originating from outside of Earth such as moon, planetary and star alignments. A pyramid naturally harnesses Earth’s energies as well such as the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz.

A pyramid ‘processes’ these collected energies and in turn amplifies and emanates them through what are known as ‘torsion waves’ or ‘Phi spirals’. A torsion wave is considered by scientists to be synonomous with consciousness itself and the carrier wave of the light-based energies known as chi, prana, life force or orgone. These are the energies emitted by a pyramid that enhance spiritual, mental and biological functions.

Thus, copper pyramids are energetic amplifiers of whatever you put within them. Pyramids will keep crystals, stones and orgonite cleansed and energized. A copper pyramid can be used to increase the potency of fruits, vegetables, vitamins and water. They also serve to increase the positive energy of the room in which they are placed and promote healthy plant growth.

They have been proven to have anti-stress effects, enhance the immune system and increase vitality. However, perhaps the most exciting benefit of a copper pyramid (or several, which enhances their power) is for raising one’s consciousness.

Being around pyramids automatically puts you in tune with the type of Ancient Wisdom that ‘just sort of comes to you’ also known as ‘spiritual downloads’ because its energy tends to expand the mind, in which you gain more clairesentience and claircognizance.

     A copper pyramid never needs to be charged and never turns off. Because of their Golden Ratio shape, they are always absorbing, enhancing and then dispersing magical torsion wave energy.


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