Crystal Grids

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     Crystal gridding involves arranging specific crystals in a pattern on top of a sacred or special symbol to create a ‘crystal synergy’ that greatly aids with intention setting and manifestation abilities. Crystal grids work by amplifying the energetic properties of the crystals and stones placed on top of them.

A crystal grid activation can be easily accomplished with the following steps:

  • First decide and set your intention. Whether it be for healing, prosperity, romance or spiritual growth keep it specific to one intention per grid. Make sure it is for a positive outcome only and it is perfectly good to create several crystal grids to cover all of your desires. Remember, you should have the outcome you would like to manifest in your mind ahead of time.

  • Next, pick a grid shape. Sacred geometry patterns such as the Flower of Life or Sri Yantra Mandala symbols are great for certain intentions. Remember any sacred symbol you choose and have faith in will work, however some shapes and symbols work better for specific types of intentions. Within the descriptions of our crystal grids that we offer, you will find which ones are best suited for various specific intended manifestations.

  • Next it is time to select and place your crystals and stones. The ones you pick should have the attributes that correspond with your intentions. A little research of crystal properties is helpful at this point to make sure you are using the best ones for the desired outcome.

  • Once the most appropriate crystals are selected, placing them can be done by simply using your intuition or what ‘feels’ right. In addition you can also make use of dowsing rods or a pendulum to determine the correct crystals and placements for your grid’s intention.

  • Last but certainly not least it is time to activate your crystal grid. This is the part that gives your grid the energetic power it needs to send your desires out into the Universe. You do this with your voice and a crystal point or wand.

  • First, create a special mantra that matches your intention for the crystal grid. Next, say it aloud, with positive and confident feelings, while pointing your crystal point/wand at each stone on the grid.

  • Then sit quietly while gazing at the grid, closing your eyes as well, if it feels ‘right’, while envisioning your intention coming true. Take as much time on this step as necessary. This may take several minutes or up to an hour or more.

  • If you followed the previous steps up until this point, then congratulations, your crystal grid and its intention is now beaming out into the Universe! An activated crystal grid will continue to ‘work’ until the intention is manifested, at which point you may choose to disassemble it, and create a new one, if desired.

     Remember to give your crystal grid some time to manifest its intention as things don’t typically happen over night! A few weeks to several months is the realistic time frame although there are plenty of instances where intentions manifest much faster.

     Check in and connect with your activated crystal grid and its intention a couple of times a week. You can even repeat the special mantra and also make sure the crystals haven’t been moved or disturbed as this would have an adverse impact on its manifestation powers.

     Alright, you’re now all set to go ahead and add some serious fire power to your ability to manifest your dreams and desires with a beautiful and effective precision-crafted crystal grid!

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