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     Improve the overall vibe of your space with this ancient tradition known for its psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits. The following steps will guide you on how to easily get started with an effective sage smudging ceremony.

First light the white sage bundle and let the end burn for a bit and then blow it out. The bundle will continue to smoke if lit properly. If it doesn’t, you must go back to step one and relight.

Once you have the bundle smoking nicely, while holding the non-smoking end, draw circles in the air with the smudge stick rotating it in a counter-clockwise motion throughout the space you are cleansing. This counter-clockwise motion helps to clear the energy.

You may also want to speak soothing words or a mantra such as “positive energy dwells freely throughout this space” or play soft meditation music in the background to enhance the effects of the ceremony.

Once you feel confident that the energy has been sufficiently cleared to your liking (this can take several minutes or more) go back through the space, this time making circles in the air with the smudge stick and smoke in a clockwise direction to recharge and uplift the energy that was just cleansed.

You can perform this basic sage cleansing ceremony as often as necessary until the vibe in the space feels clear and uplifted. Its a feel thing so just go by your intuition and gut feeling.

We have an amazing array of Smudging Kits that are perfect to complete the above basic energy cleansing and take the ritual even further for more results and benefits.

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