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The shungite stone, also known as the “miracle stone”, is mined from its only known source near Karelia, Russia.

Shungite is a very unique mineral containing as much as 99% carbon and special molecules known as fullerenes.

The fullerene molecules that make up a portion of shungite’s chemical properties were first discovered by scientists in 1996.

These scientists later went on to win the Nobel Prize for their work on this subject of fullerene molecules.

One of the best attributes of fullerenes are that they are proven to be extraordinary medical grade antioxidants.

Other benefits of wearing, carrying or being near shungite include:

1.) Emotional and physical detoxification.
2.) Clearing negative energy from one’s aura.
3.) Relieves stress and anxiety.
4.) Clears negative energy from living and work environments.
5.) Acts as a neutralizer against unnatural frequency signals known as ‘electrosmog’ coming from omnipresent technology such as wifi, cell phones and computers.

We offer a unique selection of authentic shungite products that are stylish, high vibe and of course, very supportive of overall well-being.

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