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What Is Holistic Living?

It’s a catalyst to living your best life by being mindful and conscious of how your actions, routines, behaviors and surroundings effect your overall health and wellness.

The health of the body is not the only consideration but also mind, emotions and spirit.

Living holistically improves the parts of life we hold to be most important such as family, career, social life and relationships.

It is the understanding that our best quality of life is directly proportional to this overall well-being.

Making choices in life that are aligned with holistic living is our own personal superpower and can allow for you to live your best possible life.

Benefits Of The Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic living is not without its challenges yet it is always rewarding and yields a greater sense of accomplishment and purpose for every effort made.

Some of the most common benefits associated with living a holistic lifestyle are:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Reduced Pain
  • Happier And More Satisfied
  • Inner Healing
  • Greater Balance
  • Self Growth
  • Spiritual Development
  • Longevity

This program will give you an easy to follow road map for your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness deemed necessary to live your best and most fulfilled life.

It incorporates all aspects of our guide to the holistic health approach and puts them into an actionable step-by-step format.

We are passionate about new technology and trends in wellness so we incorporate apps, devices and trackers whenever possible.

So if you are tech savvy this guide is for you. However, we have made it friendly for the not-so tech savvy as well.

This program makes it very easy and hassle free to take your overall wellness to a new level in mind, body and spirit in your everyday life!

It walks you through the main tactics necessary for living a holistic lifestyle and taking control of your well-being!

Let’s Get Started!

First some important ground rules:

  1. A majority of our ‘recommended tools’ are totally free, some involve a small monetary investment. We feel there is no better investment you can make than in your own wellness!
  2. Know that these are just recommendations so do only what feels comfortable to you and have fun with it!
  3. Save this guide for future reference.
  4. Go at your own pace.

We Begin With The Body

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1. Holistic Nutrition and Clean Eating

The mindset of eating is a perfect place to begin any holistic lifestyle program.

It’s time to start thinking about food as fuel and replenishment and less about it as pleasure.

Toxic foods are proven to cause inflammation which in turn is a common precursor to many diseases.

You won’t be able to live a holistic lifestyle if you are not putting healthy, clean foods and nutrients into your body.

Getting the best holistic nutrition meal plan assembled will be the most time-consuming part of the program.

It is also the most important part and depending on your past experience with healthy clean eating once the learning curve has been achieved it will become like second nature to maintain.

Pro tip: You could choose to begin the process by working directly with a certified holistic nutritionist in your area in order to test for any food allergies you may have. You could be eating things that are wreaking havoc on your system that you believe to be ‘good’ for you and not even know it. Your meal plan should incorporate only organic, non-GMO, and non-processed foods. We also recommend personalized and catered-just-for-you supplements.

Recommended tools:

2. Core Or Power Yoga

Strength, flexibility, cardiovascular training, mindfulness, improved spiritual wellness, better posture, back and neck pain relief, detoxification and stress relief are just some of the many benefits associated with yoga.

You are free to do more fitness training than this if you desire but a solid yoga regimen covers all your bases for all aspects of physical wellness associated with the holistic lifestyle.

We recommend mixing up your power yoga routines with a yin/restorative session to stretch and lengthen the muscles you will build in power sessions.

Pro tip: If you’re a beginner research yoga studios in your local area to find a class schedule that suits you and make sure they provide any necessary equipment such as a mat or yoga blocks so you will know what equipment you need for your home routines.

Recommended tools:

3. Hiking And Nature Walking

This is an easy but often overlooked part of the holistic lifestyle. You should schedule at least (1) nature outing per week (weather permitting) at a park, recreation area or other wilderness spot.

Being in nature resets your human clock and improves biorhythms to a more natural state. This helps relieve stress and let go of any over active thinking or worrying.

Recommended tools:

4. Rebounding On A Mini Trampoline

Underrated and not widely known, yet the mini trampoline can provide a holistic seeker with just the right amount of physical activity especially during weather that isn’t conducive to being outside.

It can be a great cardiovascular workout that has detoxification benefits you can feel in that it supports lymphatic drainage.

The mini trampoline is also great for strength conditioning of the legs and glutes. If you incorporate some resistance bands with your routine you can get an intense full body workout that’s also fun!

Recommended tools:

Mind And Emotions

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1. Sleep Tracking

Many adults don’t get the minimum requirement of sleep or even rest for that matter.

Whether you think you get enough sleep or are not sure you should start to track your sleep patterns.

Even though you may reach the minimum required amount of sleep a tracker also monitors sleep qualitywhich has been determined to be a more accurate indicator.

Sleep and relaxation are so important in many ways for maintaining wellness, and stress-related disease prevention.

Recommended tools:

2. Relaxation

If you are super busy, like most people you most likely suffer from burnout often.

You will actually be more productive and effective if you take the time to unplug and relax when you need to rather than to mindlessly soldier on when you aren’t at your best.

You should make and schedule time each day to unplug briefly and do absolutely nothing for at least 15 minutes. 

Recommended tools:

3. Mindfulness Meditation

Here’s another crucial aspect of the holistic lifestyle. If you haven’t heard about the now scientifically proven benefits of meditation yet then you’re not paying attention.

However, the important factor in receiving the benefits comes through consistency.

There are many ways to meditate so our recommendation is to find a style that resonates with you and stick with it.

Or if you prefer to mix things up bounce around to several styles. Some form of meditation should be done on a daily basis (yes daily).

Pro tip: Try the Headspace meditation app and they will guide you based on your experience level and also track your progress and make recommendations for improvements based on your results. (hint: there’s a reason why this app is so popular).

Recommended tools:

4. Digital Detox

If you stare at a computer screen for work or school all day or you absentmindedly scroll through your social media profiles for hours on end or if you are one of those people who is always watching T.V. or streaming videos then it’s very important to offset this behavior with a digital detox periodically.

Recommended tools:

Spirit And Energetic Body

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1. Energy Healing

At a minimum of at least once per month schedule an appointment with an energy healing practitioner such as a certified reiki master. If there are not any reiki therapists nearby where you live a deep tissue massage would work.

In most areas now you can find a reiki share circle, gong healing or drum circle. These are especially great if you enjoy more of a group energy healing vibe.

Recommended tools:

2. Chakra Balancing Using Crystals

This should also be done at least once per month and can be done in conjunction with other energy healing techniques.

This process can be done on your own or with an energy healing practitioner as like the one’s mentioned above.

Using chakra crystals or stones is a very important part of this process.

Recommended tools:

3. Affirmations and Mantras

Write out affirmations and mantras for yourself and repeat them daily. These can be written and changed weekly, monthly or as often as desired.

Ideally mantras and affirmations should be said aloud for greatest effectiveness.

Mantras and affirmations are a very powerful technique for rewiring and training your thought patterns to be more positive so that you may manifest your goals and intentions.

Pro tip:  Write new affirmations with each new moon cycle.

Recommended tools:

In The Home

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  1. Hidden Chemicals

Harsh chemicals, many of which are carcinogens, are found in many common household items such as cleaners, air fresheners, personal hygiene products, flooring, furniture and bedding.

Toxic chemicals and ingredients found in these items in the home are absorbed into the body through contact with the skin which has been proven to cause inflammation, allergies, chronic fatigue and other unwanted health conditions.

Recommended tools:

2. Air Purification

Unfortunately it has been discovered that indoor air pollution can often times be worse than the air outside.

Continually inhaling toxic air causes many chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies and other bronchial conditions.

Take the following steps to help clear the air in your home:

  1. Change your air filters regularly (at least once per season)
  2. Have your air ducts cleaned if possible
  3. Use an indoor air pollution sensor
  4. Use an indoor air purifier

Recommended tools:

3. Water Purification

It has been well documented that the public water coming into most homes contains varying amounts and types of toxic chemicals, many of which are carcinogens.

Have the tap water in your home tested to determine its contaminants and install a good whole home water filter if possible.

Other options for detoxifying drinking water can be used as well.

Recommended tools:

4. Sage Smudging 

Our last but certainly not least recommended step for creating the holistic home is cleansing it of negative energy.

Begin by decluttering and arranging your homes furniture based on feng-shui principles.

Next clear negative vibes by sage smudging.

Lingering negative energy in the home can be detrimental to the overall vibe of the home.

Having good positive energy is more conducive to positive thinking, abundance and overall wellness.

To cleanse the energy in your home simply light a sage bundle and waft it in the air throughout every room at least once per month.

Even if you don’t feel any negative vibes in your home to begin with you are sure to sense more calm and serenity in the home after it is done.

Recommended tools:

Here’s To Your Well Being! 

There are obviously many components to living holistically and following this program could seem overwhelming to a beginner, so as stated above, go at your own pace, save this guide for future reference, incorporate our recommendations and in no time these techniques will become like second nature. Unbelievable benefits await you with your persistence!