Sacred Geometry Symbols And Meanings

sacred geometry symbols

What Is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is the metaphysical ‘fabric of the Universe’ that represents the energetic ‘blueprint’ for all of creation. These mystical symbols and shapes can be seen throughout our Milky Way Galaxy, within our Solar System, everywhere in Nature as well as the animal Kingdom.

The entire Universe is said to be ‘alive’ and everything in it is therefore living. All living things at their core are made of energy and energy flows in patterns. Sacred Geometric symbols are the patterns by which the Universe flows.

Where And When Did Sacred Geometry Originate?

The concept of Sacred Geometry has been documented throughout history by all of the great civilizations such as the Aztecs, Mayans, Ancient Greece, Rome, Asia and Egypt. (reference) It has also been studied, written about and taught by many legendary geniuses, intellectuals and philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, DaVinci, Sir Francis Bacon, Einstein and many many others.

Applications Of Sacred Geometry For Human Spirituality And Healing

Sacred Geometry in essence is the energetic intermediary that connects humans to the rest of the Universe being made of the same energy and energetic patterns. By way of this understanding one can begin to ‘unlock’ their own lifeforce energy to greater degrees, achieving greater levels of what is known as ‘Oneness’. This tapping into your own energy and unlocking the sacred geometric flow within can be accomplished in a number of ways on the spiritual and healing journey.

The most common modalities and techniques are through meditation while gazing upon sacred geometric symbols, energy healing while visualizing sacred geometry and the implementation of physical sacred geometric shapes that are either worn, placed in the home or both. By understanding these sacred geometric patterns and becoming more ‘conscious’ of them one can ‘heal’ and come into greater ‘alignment’ with all of the Universe – because humans are essentially ‘created’ using the same energetic blueprint.

Preeminent Sacred Geometric Symbols And Their Meanings

The following 10 symbols are some of the most revered shapes and patterns that make up the foundation of the Sacred Geometry school of thought:

Flower Of Life

flower of life symbol

The Flower of Life symbol is formed by 19 equally proportioned, overlapping circles whereby each circle intersects the others at their center also known as the focus point. It is known as the ‘fabric of the Universe’ for it is a template in which all other Sacred Geometric shapes can be formed. It symbolizes the creation from Source energy and exudes the vibrations of harmony, balance and Oneness.

Seed Of Life

seed of life symbol image design

The Seed of Life symbol is formed by 6 overlapping circles around 1 central circle that are all of the same size and intersect each other at their centers. This visually creates the appearance of interlocking rings in its center known as the ‘rosette’. It is naturally the building block of the Flower of Life symbol just as the seed becomes the flower in Nature. It symbolizes evolution, fertility, regeneration and Divine Intelligence.

Metatron’s Cube

metatrons cube graphic

The Metatron’s Cube symbol is formed by a central circle with 12 more equally proportioned circles branching out from there in which the centers are linked by precise lines. It is also known as the ‘Fruit of Life’ and represents the processes by which things become manifested from idea to physical reality. It symbolizes the flow of energy throughout the Universe and emits the vibrations of ingenuity, resilience, protection and interconnection.

Sri Yantra

sri yantra symbol graphic

The Sri Yantra symbol is composed of 9 triangles within a circle, with the very center of it known as the ‘bindu’ or ‘gazing point’. 5 of these triangles are oriented downward with 4 triangles oriented upward and the intersection of these 9 form another 43 smaller triangles. It symbolizes a balance between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies and exudes the energetics of abundance, good fortune, higher consciousness and connection to Spirit.


merkaba symbol graphic

The Merkaba symbol is an 8-sided star formation comprised of 2 interlocking tetrahedrons, or pyramidal shapes that are pointing in opposite directions but share the same center points. It is literally translated to mean light-body-spirit and is known as the ‘chariot of the soul’. A Merkaba gives off the vibrations of wholeness, relaxation, expansion and extradimensional places.

Tree Of Life

tree of life symbol illustration design

This sacred Tree of Life symbol is formed by 3 columns of 10 circles or ‘sephirot’, meaning emanations, that are linked togeher by lines which represent 32 channels or ‘paths’ of spiritual practice. It symbolizes all of the different levels and aspects of life’s spiritual journey and exudes the vibrations of personal development, authenticity, transformation and ascension while remaining securely grounded.


pyramid shape sacred symbol illustration

A standard Pyramid is formed by connecting a square base up to an apex point whereby the angles created from these connections naturally corresponds to the Golden Ratio known as Phi (1.618) and makes its sides isosceles triangles. The base symbolizes the human body, while the sides represent the spiritual path up to the apex point of 3rd eye activation, enlightenment and Oneness. A Pyramid’s shape naturally purifies negative energies and amplifies positive healing lifeforce energy.

Vesica Piscis

vesica piscis symbol design illustration

The Vesica Piscis symbol is formed by the union of 2 circles with the same dimensions in which each of their centers are aligned with the radius and diameter of the other. This creates a center oval shape known as a ‘mandorla’ which is considered to denote the ‘Womb of the Universe’. It symbolizes the gateway between Heaven and Earth, remarkably contains the infinite proportions of both Pi and Phi and emanates the frequencies of renewal, conception, vitality and Divine Union.


tetrahedron symbol design

The Icosahedron symbol is made up of 5 equilateral triangles centered through one central vertex to create an intriguing shape of 20 faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices. It represents adaptability, natural flow and the spiritual aspects of the element of water. Its vibration helps to tap into the higher mind to unlock Universal creativity and to assist with the inner growth necessary to ascend to the next level of one’s consciousness.

Golden Mean Spiral

golden mean spiral symbol design graphic illustration

The Golden Mean Spiral symbol is formed by a curving arc that touches along specific endpoints of 2 perfectly proportioned ‘Golden Rectangles’ at an increasing width and length that is equal to the Golden Ratio of Phi (1.618). This shape, known as ‘The Pattern of the Universe’, is seen in the formation of galaxies, planetary motions, weather patterns and throughout nature. It symbolizes perfection, proportion, creation and expansion.

Sacred Geometry For Global Well-Being

The spaces we live and work in either induce positive, life-giving energy or they don’t. The same is true for the decor and their alignments in our spaces. They either give rise to expansion and creativity or they feel lifeless and restrictive. Step into any Divinely constructed building such as a church or cathedral and then go into an office space cubicle to feel the difference in space energetics at their extremes. This is not a ‘woo woo’ concept either, this is an observable and meausrable scientific fact. (reference)

We now know that ‘everything is energy’ and that energetic reality is an interplay of space, form and frequency. This is an aspect of our reality that is totally under our control to manipulate for our benefit. Symbols such as those in the realm of Sacred Geometry are proven to emit beneficial frequencies. So by the skillful restructuring of our spaces using resonant forms and dimensions such as these we can bring about the desired frequency of balance and well-being and this becomes our ‘environment’.

There’s no doubt that incorporating Sacred Geometry symbols and dimensions into our lives and homes and in the bigger picture, as a global society, into our architecture and community design can have a profound impact on the overall vibe of our worlds. This was something that was incorporated in the successful ancient cultures of the past, that has been lost in our modern times. This could be the single most important aspect for bringing our global community to the next level of consciousness and evolution, making us more aligned with nature, Earth’s rhythms and the harmony of the Universe.

Sacred Geometry Symbols To Enhance The Energy Of Spaces And As Powerful Meditation And Manifestation Tools founder
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