sacred geometry symbols

Sacred Geometry Symbols And Meanings


What Is Sacred Geometry? Sacred Geometry is the metaphysical ‘fabric of the Universe’ that represents the energetic ‘blueprint’ for all of creation. These mystical symbols and shapes can be seen throughout our Milky Way Galaxy, within our Solar System, everywhere in Nature as well as the animal Kingdom. The entireContinue Reading

modern holistic health approach lifestyle guide

9 Pillars Of The Modern Holistic Health Approach Plan


What Is The Modern Holistic Approach To Health? The holistic approach is an all-encompassing strategy that improves overall well-being by taking the entire person into account, which includes mind, body and spirit. The spirit is the magic of this approach that is not typically included or addressed in other healthContinue Reading

immune system molecules

9 Best Natural Immune System Boosters


How To Boost Your Immune System Our human immune system is very complex containing numerous types of cells and tissues that inhabit other tissues and circulate throughout the body. The immune system is always working hard and is our first line of defense against unwanted viruses and bacteria that mayContinue Reading

mediterranean plant based diet meal

Exciting New Research Favors Mediterranean Plant-Based Diets


Recent Scientific Studies On The Mediterranean Plant-Based Diet Recent scientific studies give us more reasons for eating a Mediterranean plant-based diet that is rich in vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains and typically excludes meat. Researchers in two separate studies say plant-based diets such as the Mediterranean diet can help you maintainContinue Reading

universal mind depiction

How To Tap Into The Ultimate Creative Genius Mindset


Creative Genius And The ‘Universal Mind’ Creative geniuses Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein both attributed their intelligence to something beyond deliberate thinking. They described a state in which they tapped into a universal intelligence often called ‘universal mind’ and in this state was where they received their grandest inspiration andContinue Reading

personalized nutrition guide

9 Personalized Nutrition Solutions For A Modern Diet Plan


What Is Personalized Nutrition? The personalized nutrition project is a study that established there was a high degree of variability in the biological response of different people to identical meals suggesting that universal diets may have very limited utility. The core of practicing personalized nutrition involves monitoring the dietary intake ratios ofContinue Reading

alternative medicine techniques for wellness

6 Alternative Medicine Techniques Proven To Relieve Pain


Alternative Medicine vs. Pharmaceuticals Alternative medicine aims to treat the whole person and not just the symptom. This differs to some degree from certain aspects of traditional western medicine such as pharmaceuticals, that typically seek to treat symptoms without an emphasis on healing and prevention. Alternative medicine is rooted inContinue Reading