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What Is The Holistic Health Approach?

The holistic approach is an all-encompassing strategy that improves overall health by taking the entire person into account, which includes mind, body and spirit.

The spirit is the magic of this holistic approach that is not typically included or addressed in other health and wellness strategies.

It is a synergy of mind, body and spirit that creates incredible wellness!

On the holistic wellness journey there are a multitude of effective techniques and possibilities that can be used to achieve great results.

Unlike some other methods, it’s an approach where you are encouraged to play an active role in maintaining your own well-being.

Your holistic path to better overall health can be discovered through experimentation, self-awareness, instinct, and intuition.

Outlined below are the 8 crucial categories that we focus on in our own modern holistic lifestyle program.

Below each numbered section is a link to a comprehensive article updated with the most current information on the subject.

People all have slightly different biochemistry so your holistic wellness will be achieved through your own unique practices.

1. The Physical Condition Of The Whole Body

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Physical activity is a beginning point and foundation for most health programs, however, we keep it in balance with other aspects of our holistic approach


2. Natural, Non-Pharmaceutical Holistic Medicine

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Using naturopathic and herbal remedies for holistic pain management, detoxification and treating the person, not the symptom


3. Clean Eating For Improved Gut Health With Holistic Nutrition Principles

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Create personalized organic meal plans to address dietary needs using philosophies of nutrient intake ratios, integrative cooking styles and individualized supplementation


4. Meditation Techniques For Mental And Emotional Well-Being

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Mindfulness practice that includes mantras, sound bathing, visualizations and other styles of meditation


5. Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing And More For Your Spirit!

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Massage, self healing and other therapeutic practices, to be done by one’s self, with practitioners or in groups


7. Principles Of Spiritual Wellness

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Spiritual wellness defined with examples of what it encompasses and techniques on how to improve your spiritual connection


6. Creating A Holistic Home Environment

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Reducing indoor pollution and chemical exposure, along with ways to create greater tranquility and more


8. Empowered Global Citizenry

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How to find your purpose through community involvement for an empowered sense of self


Different Techniques Are Necessary For Different Individuals

Everyone responds to things a little differently so some will find benefits among certain holistic techniques only to receive less than desired results from another.

It is worth mentioning that a resistance to wanting to participate in a particular health and wellness activity could indicate an area for greatest improvement.

Instinct and intuition should always reign as the guiding force behind the holistic seekers path.

As an example, one may find optimal well-being through a combination of vinyasa yoga, reiki healing, organic juicing, hiking, herbal tinctures, music meditations, and art.

While another may find their holistic path with tai-chi practice, johrei healing, a Mediterranean diet, running, cleansing supplements, vipassana meditation, and volunteer work.

The key is in creating your own unique balanced holistic lifestyle. Which our guide helps you to do!

Always remember that the techniques you choose can be modified and changed at any time as you continue to progress on your journey.


Understanding the broad domain of the holistic health approach helps to clarify the ingredients necessary for creating an optimal holistic lifestyle.

While seeking advice from others is recommended the holistic approach to wellness involves the individual ultimately understanding what works best for themselves.

You can undoubtedly find support from other holistic seekers in your local community and group wellness activities are also very beneficial and recommended.

The holistic path is full of epiphanies and discoveries of new and effective techniques that will inspire, motivate and encourage you to continue on your journey to greater well-being.

A Step By Step Program To Improving Overall Holistic Wellness

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This free program incorporates the latest apps, trends and technologies into actionable steps for jump starting a more holistic lifestyle!


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