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Highly Individualized Wellness Strategies And Technologies

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What Is Individualized Wellness?

If you’re looking for new ways to take your health and well-being to the next level then it’s time to get personal.

Wellness programs large and small are becoming more individualized. No two people are exactly alike so why should your health and wellness repertoire be a one size fits all?

A more individualized wellness strategy is all about gathering information about your body’s unique genetic makeup and bio-marker data.

Once you have this personal bio-data in hand a health and wellness strategy can then be created also taking additional variables into account such as medical history, physical health and preferences.

The following market segments are leading a revolutionary movement towards a more individualized wellness approach and are easily adopted and implemented.

Genetic Testing

This is a type of laboratory test that identifies your unique genetic conditions.

DNA and genes determine every health characteristic and function in the body.

Health and wellness programs can be maximized for effectiveness by knowing your personal genetic profile.

An easy non-invasive way to collect genetic information from a wide range of biomarkers in the body is by collecting a sample of your saliva.

Saliva can reveal data on genetic makeup, hormonal imbalances, allergens, nutritional deficiencies, and enzyme levels.

The following wellness companies use an easy to conduct saliva test to reveal your personal genetic biomarker data.


orig3n genetic test kit

The genetic assessment kits from Orig3n offer a very comprehensive analysis of your unique genetic code.

Their LifeProfile program generates genetic insights into your fitness level, skin health, nutritional needs, and mental abilities and delivers them through both app and web based interfaces.


23andMe-DNA-Testing kit

23andMe is a company that will give you extensive DNA information from a saliva sample you provide.

Simply order their kit and it will be shipped to you along with the necessary instructions and a saliva capture tube.

Mail your sample back to their lab for analysis and you will receive your results via your own private web portal.

With this information being provided in a digital format it can then be integrated with many leading digital wellness platforms.

Individualized Supplements And Nutrition

Ever been overwhelmed trying to guess at what your specific vitamin and nutrient needs are?

Even if you could figure out every nutrient your body needs to function optimally there is still the matter of knowing the right amounts.

Individualized vitamins, supplements and even smoothie mixes are available to make sure you are getting the correct nutrients for your specific genetic makeup, current health condition and health goals.

Food and nutrition suggestions can be catered to your specific biological data, as well, taking your preferences and dietary goals into account. This gives you a more comprehensive meal and nutrition plan that is unique to you.

Styr Labs

styr labs wellness devices

At Styr Labs they are able to offer the latest in personally customized supplements by converting your activity data into vitamin, protein and electrolyte mixes.

Using connected devices and biosensors you send them a continuous stream of activity information that is continuously updated for each order and then is shipped to you.

Well Path

gowellpath individualized nutrition

Well Path is a company that is offering herbal vitamin and smoothie mixes based on your own unique biology and delivering it to your door.

This program was created to give people more of the exact nutrients they need and eliminate dietary guesswork.

Biosensor Applications

A biosensor will convert a biological response into a readable electric signal for analyzation of your body chemistry.

It can detect the presence of many unique personal data points such as heart rate, blood pressure, hormone levels, blood glucose and many more. Its instant biofeedback from a device that you can wear.

One X

one x nutritional biosensor

The biosensor from One X measures skin carotenoid levels giving invaluable feedback on the impact of important lifestyle markers such as sleep amounts, sun exposure, alcohol consumption, pollution levels, nutrition, exercise and stress.

Simply hold the device in the palm of your hand and get readouts instantaneously to a digital dashboard.

You can then use this information for a number of different solutions to help you manage the critical balance in the body between antioxidant levels and oxidative stress.

Biosensors For Mental and Emotional Wellness

spire mindfulness tracker

Companies such as Spire seek to help you relax more efficiently with wearable devices containing app-based biosensors that track your mood and stress levels.

The data gathered from the biosensors is used to give status readouts through the app.

Depending on your current status, suggestions are given that may include a custom meditation or breathing exercise to help you calm down and manage stress.

Data is continuously collected to improve future effectiveness and track progress which can lead to better self-awareness, improved attention span, better mental focus and calmer brainwaves.

Gut Microbiome Analysis

We all have a microbial population with trillions of bacteria living in our intestines and 2/3 of this population is unique to each individual.

The gut microbiome is influenced by our dietary intake and activity level and is linked to many aspects of wellness such as metabolism, immune system and brain function.

Day Two

day two personalized nutrition kit

Day Two is a company that uses gut microbiome analysis to predict blood sugar responses in the body to specific foods.

Blood sugar spikes are related to excessive hunger, weight gain and even diabetes.

They use this information to create app-based personalized nutrition plans that help to balance out blood sugar levels for their clients.

Blood Testing For Wellness

A somewhat more invasive yet very valuable technique for obtaining information from the body.

A typical blood test can yield information associated with many critical bodily functions such as thyroid, liver and kidney health, cholesterol levels, anemia, blood glucose, bone health, electrolyte and mineral levels.

Many hospitals, labs and wellness centers offer blood analysis to be used to make informed decisions about diet, preventative measures and wellness activities.


wellnessfx digital wellness dashboard

WellnessFX uses personal blood testing results to give you secure feedback via their digital wellness dashboard.

Simply sign up for the appropriate package based on your goals, have a blood draw at an approved facility that they provide and the results will be made available on your dashboard as soon as analysis is complete.

This program was designed to be able to meet a wide variety of wellness goals including identifying possible health risks, improving energy levels, and optimizing athletic performance.

Personal Wellness Dashboards and Trackers 

healthsuite philips

With HealthSuite you can create your own wellness dashboard that is derived from the data in your personal health records, genetic profile, biometric sensor readings and more.

By matching high quality data to powerful analysis in this dashboard you will be able to measure and track all your health and wellness goals in the cloud.

Google Fit also allows for connected apps and devices to view and store activity, location, nutrition and body sensor information from a single platform.

Fitness and Coaching Platforms  

There are many apps available for download that feature personalized interactive training and motivational coaching.

Many of these apps are algorithm-based so they adapt to your progress and preferences.

They allow for unlimited schedule flexibility and are very cost-effective.

You can receive custom fitness routines based on your data and feedback.

Many fitness apps such as PumpUp have a social feature as well where you can connect with other users.

In Conclusion

By making the extra effort to individualize your health and wellness you ensure a much greater level of effectiveness.

This process greatly reduces the amount of guesswork and trial and error.

Having genetic makeup, biosensor information and other wellness activity data fed into a digital format makes it easy to monitor and manage your highly individualized health and wellness strategy from a smartphone, tablet or computer on the go.

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