immune system molecules

9 Best Natural Immune System Boosters


How To Boost Your Immune System Our human immune system is very complex containing numerous types of cells and tissues that inhabit other tissues and circulate throughout the body. The immune system is always working hard and is our first line of defense against unwanted viruses and bacteria that mayContinue Reading

mediterranean plant based diet meal

Exciting New Research Favors Mediterranean Plant-Based Diets


Recent Scientific Studies On The Mediterranean Plant-Based Diet Recent scientific studies give us more reasons for eating a Mediterranean plant-based diet that is rich in vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains and typically excludes meat. Researchers in two separate studies say plant-based diets such as the Mediterranean diet can help you maintainContinue Reading

universal mind depiction

How To Tap Into The Ultimate Creative Genius Mindset


Creative Genius And The ‘Universal Mind’ Creative geniuses Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein both attributed their intelligence to something beyond deliberate thinking. They described a state in which they tapped into a universal intelligence often called ‘universal mind’ and in this state was where they received their grandest inspiration andContinue Reading

complete meditation guide

The Ancient Practice Of Mindfulness Meditation Meets Modern Technology


How To Meditate With Technology… Driven by a flood of recent scientific evidence, neuroscience technology, consumer demand, and new user interface (UI) technologies, meditation is taking on a whole new existence. It is becoming smarter, faster, more powerful and easier to practice anywhere. Mental wellness is a major goal andContinue Reading

personalized nutrition guide

How To Personalize Your Nutrition With Apps And Online Meal Delivery Services


What Is Personalized Nutrition? Personalized nutrition using the latest in smart technology is a burgeoning wellness market segment that aims to help you take the guess work out of your nutritional needs. It involves receiving personalized dietary recommendations from a licensed nutritionist, personalized meal plans and custom recipes. The unique-to-the-individualContinue Reading