Personalized Nutrition Solutions For A Modern Diet Plan

What Is Personalized Nutrition?

The personalized nutrition project is a study that established there was a high degree of variability in the biological response of different people to identical meals suggesting that universal diets may have very limited utility.

The core of practicing personalized nutrition involves monitoring the dietary intake ratios of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, fats and calories through meal planning and herbal supplementation. (source)

*Making special note to understand that this ratio can vary greatly from individual to individual.

Incorporating personalized nutrition principles also involves gaining knowledge about food choices and how it aligns with your individual biological makeup.

Modern Personalized Nutrition Plan Basic Principles

The ultimate goal of a personalized nutrition plan is to give your body more of exactly what it needs and less of what it doesn’t.

By integrating clinical personal biological data a more effective and targeted diet can be attained.

Unique-to-the-individual nutrition suggestions should be made only after a thorough health evaluation.

Height, weight and wellness goals should be assessed along with your unique biochemistry and genetics.

The following is a list of basic guidelines to follow when choosing foods for a personalized dietary plan:

  1. Know what to eat and what not to eat in general.
  2. Seek organic whole foods and organic herbal supplements whenever possible.
  3. You can ask yourself if ingesting a specific food item will help or hurt your nutritional needs and use your intuition and instinct to get the correct answer.
  4. It’s also important to do what you can to make better choices when eating out.
  5. Food preparation matters too, so you want to avoid things that are fried when possible.

The Current Status Of Modern Day Nutrition

We thankfully live in an era that recognizes the substantial importance of nutrition, making it much easier for us to make healthy dietary choices.

How nutrition enhances wellness is now the standard in the modern world and healthier food has become faster and more convenient.

Increased market competition driven by consumer demand has lowered the cost factors associated with affording healthy nutrition as well.

You can get almost any type of healthy organic food you seek these days at restaurants, grocery stores and local farmers markets.

Increasing numbers of people seek out whole natural food options that they know provide many healthy benefits.

We have become aware that synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, GMOs and preservatives found in foods wreak havoc on our collective health.

Food companies with a health-inspired mission continue to thrive which has forced the old paradigm food industry to conform to healthier standards or lose profits.

What Does Good Nutrition Mean?

Good nutrition involves the conscious decision making of food choices that serve to promote overall well-being and not hinder it.

We must remember that what we choose to ingest has a positive or negative effect on the body as well as the mind, emotions and spirit.

Consider that what entices us to eat most of the time is craving something for purely what it tastes like which may not always be of greatest nutritional benefit.

The Role Of Herbal Supplementation In Nutrition

It is not always possible to get all of your necessary nutrition from food alone.

Herbal supplements provide another level of nutrition for optimizing wellness. Herbal supplements can be used for a variety of medicinal purposes in order to aid in specific health conditions as well.

You can consult with a Naturopathic Physician to learn about ways certain health conditions can be treated with herbal supplements.

9 Tools For Personalized Nutrition Planning With Apps And Technology

Big data meets nutritional coaching, meal planning and grocery shopping with these 9 solutions curated to help you create an amazing personalized nutrition plan.

These programs and tools can be adopted fairly quickly and easily to take your nutrition to the next level of individualization for maximum effectiveness:

1. Shopwell

Shopwell is a free application for your smartphone that has been described as ‘like having your own personal nutrition expert in your pocket’.

With this app you will be able to scan grocery items in the store to tell you the health ratings of over 350,000 products.

Their scoring system rates your grocery selections from 0-100 based on how well they match your pre-selected health needs and dietary goals.

If a grocery item scores low the app will make new product recommendations from registered dietitians with better scores.

This helps you discover healthy new food alternatives while staying within your nutritional parameters.

2. Platejoy

At Platejoy you can order custom, on demand meal plans and get grocery lists of exactly what you should buy for your own unique lifestyle.

They use over 50 different data points to tailor each meal plan to your own needs and goals.

This platform caters to many dietary preferences such as paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, low carb and clean eating.

The shopping lists and recipes will be custom made for you based on your inputs.

It all begins with an online personalization quiz, then you approve your menu. This system is available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

3. Rootine

Rootine offers smart vitamin plans created to be personalized to your specific needs using DNA and lifestyle data.

You will get your personalized vitamin pack from self-reported lab test values.

Their slow-release formulas deliver a customized dosage of vitamins into your bloodstream throughout the day and mimic the absorption of real food.

Their algorithm incorporates everything important to your nutrient requirements and your personal dashboard helps you learn more about you.

5. EWG Food Scores

ewg verified

Eat Well Guide’s Food Scores is an algorithm driven database that will give you updated information on food additive concerns you may have such as pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and contaminants and points you to less processed options.

It is basically a search engine of over 80,000 foods also factoring in things such as calories, trans fats, sugar and sodium. It then computes a score between 1(best) to 10(worst) with information on why the score was given.

6. Ipiit

Ipiit is an app that will help you manage food allergies and sensitivities as well as things such as GMO content and grams of sugar.

It is a bar code scanner enabled through your phone to use when you are grocery shopping.

If you are not sure of the full contents of a food product simply scan it and the app will produce a readout with information catered to your predetermined preferences.

This is especially helpful when buying products unfamiliar to you.

7. Green Chef

Green Chef offers a variety of easy-to-follow meal plans made for your individual lifestyle, like keto, plant-powered, and more.

Choose from their wide variety of deliciously clean meal plans at manageable prices, with options to feed two people or a family of four.

They keep it simple with all certified organic ingredients pre-measured and prepped. All you have to do is follow easy step-by-step instructions with photos.

8. Vitagene

With Vitagene you can discover your ancestry plus get a personalized diet, fitness, skin and supplements plan from your lab results.

Their clinical labs meet very stringent standards that ensures the accuracy and reliability of your test results.

Your unique DNA is run through a sophisticated algorithm which determines your unique health traits which are then mapped to diet, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation plans that match your exact health needs.

9. Sakara Life Nutrition Plans

Sakara is a wellness company anchored in food as medicine. They deliver personalized plant-based nutrition in the form of ready-to-eat meals, snacks and supplements.

Their meals and products are backed by cutting-edge nutrition science and traditional healing wisdom to give your body what it needs to thrive.

These are 100% organic meals delivered to your door with no prep, cooking or clean-up.

The Bottom Line For Personalizing Your Nutrition

  • By using smart data-driven information that is integrated with your own unique biological makeup and wellness goals you are ensuring a much higher nutrition success ratio.
  • It is a more cost effective approach because it eliminates you from consuming things you don’t need.
  • It also takes less time than it would for you to research and buy food on your own.
  • Most personalized nutrition programs you choose have thorough health examinations that include testing for unique genetic and biological information.
  • It is important to look for high quality ingredients in products that you consume such as certified organic, non-GMO and gluten free.

In Conclusion

Seek the right advice from professionals, don’t guess at your nutritional needs. Do some health tests that identify your unique biochemistry to make your nutrition as individualized as possible.

By getting on a program that is specific to your needs you will save yourself a substantial amount of time and money.

Many personalized nutrition apps and programs utilize current technologies such as algorithms, biosensors and genetic testing for pinpoint accuracy and results. founder
Chris Austin
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