Copper Pyramid With Quartz Crystal And Flower Of Life Mat


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  • Made With Real Copper
  • Genuine Quartz Crystal Point
  • Velvet Flower Of Life Mat
  • A Perfect Size: 6 x 6 Inches

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Copper Pyramid With Quartz Crystal And Flower Of Life Mat

This is a gorgeous super-powered copper pyramid that really cranks up the amplification and energetic cleansing effects due to the addition of a hanging clear quartz crystal point and a velvet Flower Of Life Symbol mat.

This copper pyramid is perfect for charging and clearing all your crystals, stones, jewelry and orgonite. Of course it can also be used as a powerful manifestation tool as well as for spiritual rituals and uplifting the vibe of living and work spaces.

How Copper Pyramids Work

Pyramids have been well known throughout history as powerful energy generators and copper is a well known energy conductor. Together they create an unseen energetic field that reacts with crystals and stones producing amplification and clearing properties.

A pyramid’s shape is what makes it able to harness and emit these energies by way of its special Sacred Geometric design in which the base and sides correspond to the Golden Ratio known as ‘Phi’ (1.618).

It has been proven through scientific research that because of this ‘Golden Ratio’, pyramids are able to naturally produce and radiate torsion fields that emanate their beneficial effects.

How To Use A Copper Pyramid

Simply place your desired crystals, stones and orgonite (including bracelets and other jewelry) underneath the copper pyramid for several hours.

And if you want to turn the charging powers up a notch, use 1 or all 3 of the following suggestions:

  • Place the items to charge on a crystal grid underneath the copper pyramid.
  • Point a corner of the copper pyramid to the North, to align with the cardinal directions, (which is how the Great Pyramids and other famous pyramids were constructed) for greater energetic amplification effects.
  • Place the copper pyramid where it will be in the moonlight (especially on a full moon) and let your items charge overnight.

  • Material: Copper and Quartz crystal
  • Mat material: Velvet
  • Pyramid width: 6×6 inches
  • Pyramid height: 5 inches
  • Mat size: 6×6 inches


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