Shungite Crystal Merkaba


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Shungite Crystal Merkaba

A merkaba is an ancient symbol that is also known as the ‘soul chariot’ and is a form of sacred geometry. The word mer-ka-ba broken down into syllables literally translates to mean light-spirit-body in ancient texts.

Shungite is said to be the “miracle stone” or “the stone of life”, known for its incredible healing and energy protection properties, balancing mind and emotions, and activating the healing process within the body.

Perhaps the most important shungite stone benefit lies in its ability to neutralize the unnatural ‘electrosmog’ frequencies coming from ever-present tech devices. Set merkabas near wifi routers, computers, tablets and cell phones.

Whether you want this 8 pointed shungite merkaba for magic, healing or ‘electrosmog’ protection it is sure to be a unique and exciting piece in your crystal collection.

  • Material: Shungite
  • Width: 2,5″
  • Height: 2.5″
  • Weight: 103g
  • Color: Black


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