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Spiritual Wellness In The Modern World (A Foundational Guide To Spirituality)

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What Is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual wellness is the opposite of being preoccupied with the mundane and trivial aspects of society and modern life.

It is about not sweating the small stuff, being beyond the drama of the day, and living more from the present moment.

This is not being a religious zealot either. We never want to go overboard, think balance.

Spiritually healthy people value real life in a different way that transcends materialistic desires.

A spiritually well person will typically be more content, in general, because they are content without needing or wanting as much ‘stuff’ to feel content.

They have a belief in and feel a connection to a source of power that is greater than themselves (God/Godess or Universe).

This gives them a greater sense of peace, purpose and ultimately ‘oneness’.

What Does Spiritual Wellness Encompass?

Highly spiritual people are more attuned to the natural rhythms that are always all around us such as the sunrise/sunset, moon cycles, seasonal changes, solstice/equinoxes, and star/planetary alignments.

This is what gives them the connectedness they feel. They also have great inner wisdom, meaning they can hear and feel intuition and instinct more than a person who is more guided by material and egotistical desires.

Spiritually healthy people live more in accordance with universal principles such as the law of attraction, karma, and using the ‘6th sense’.

They have better mental and emotional well-being and are more balanced and centered.

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How To Improve Spiritual Wellness

An important part of the recipe to improve spiritual wellness is a desire and intention to be more spiritually connected which are powerful guiding forces.

Always remember that awakening and growing spiritually is a marathon and not a sprint.

Work on letting go of some personal control in order to allow for a greater force to guide you.

Recognize that happiness and satisfaction are an inside job. Practice the following techniques for a greater sense of spirituality:

  • Unplug from the digital world periodically, ie: do a digital detox.
  • Say more prayers and mantras
  • Try forest bathing/being in nature more often
  • Begin a mindfulness meditation program
  • Have more faith that you are supported by something greater than yourself

A re-understanding of why we are here (our purpose) occurs as a result of pursuing spiritual wellness.

This creates a spiritual awakening and ultimately soul ascension or transcendent transformation.

Examples Of Spiritual Wellness

Some of the personality and behavioral traits that develop through living by spiritual principles:

spiritual wellness word cloudWhat Is Your Spiritual Health Level?

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