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Actress Marcia Cross Anal Cancer Linked To HPV And Husband’s Throat Cancer

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Award winning actress Marcia Cross reveals past anal cancer battle in an interview earlier this week. The “Desperate Housewives” star appeared on “CBS This Morning” and discussed her diagnosis. Cross, 57 explained that the discovery came about as a result of a colorectal exam during a routine visit to her gynecologist. “I was so not thinking Read More …

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Healing Music – Break Unwanted Mental And Emotional Patterns With These Sounds That Soothe

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What Is Healing Music? Healing music is a combination of sound healing vibrations and frequencies that are incorporated into musical notes with the intention of creating healing benefits. Music has historically been known as a powerful medium that can evoke an entire array of human responses. In this sense, however, we are speaking of music Read More …

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How Aromatherapy Works With Essential Oil Diffusers To Relieve Negative Emotions

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What Is Aromatherapy And How Does It Work? Aromatherapy is the practice of using your sense of smell for health and wellness benefits. It is the intentional inducement of positive aromas for the purpose of creating positive results for well-being. Aromatherapy involves the inhalation of fragrant scents that are most commonly derived from essential oils. Read More …

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Sleep Trackers Help You To Harness That Immeasurable Power Of A Better Night’s Sleep

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How Do Sleep Trackers Work And What Do They Measure? A good quality sleep tracker monitors a variety of sleep information that can be invaluable for improving your overall health and wellness. In the past, options for assessing your sleep were somewhat limited. Short of taking video of yourself sleeping and recording it into a Read More …

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Weighted Blankets For Stress, Anxiety And Insomnia – What Are They And How Do They Work?

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What Are Weighted Blankets And How Do They Work? As the name implies a weighted blanket has an inner pocket that has been made heavier with sand-like beads to evenly distribute the weight throughout. This creates a cradling and warming effect likened to a giant hug and therefore used as a calming tool for stress, Read More …