14 Tasty Plant-Based Meat Options With Recipes

The Plant-Based Meat Market Is Expanding Rapidly

According to research firm Markets and Markets, the plant-based meat industry is estimated at $12.1 billion in 2019.

They project this segment to continue its growth at a rate of 15% annually to reach $27.9 billion by 2025. (source)

This sizeable growth is attributed to the demand of consumers wanting healthier ‘meat’ options that are better for the environment and more nutritious.

Environmental Benefits Of Plant-Based Meat

Meatless meat can make a huge difference for the environment by almost every metric, including land use, water use, and fighting climate change.

In general, you can expect the manufacturing of plant-based foods to have about 10% of the carbon footprint of animal-based foods. (source)

Health Benefits Of Plant-Based Meats Over “Regular Meat”

Plant-based meats have little to no trans or saturated fats or cholesterol making them much healthier for the heart. (source)

They have more fiber, are easier to digest and are also a good source of protein.

They also lack the antibiotics, hormones and carcinogens that are commonly found in meats made from animals.

The brands in this list are the leaders in the plant-based market category and are committed to continually improving their products to meet the demands of consumers.

1. Beyond Meat

beyond meat plant-based

Beyond Meat is a Los Angeles-based publicly traded company whose mission is to change the future of protein. All offerings from Beyond Meat are non-GMO, gluten and soy free.

Products they offer: Plant-based burger patties, ground beef, Italian and brat style sausages, and beef crumbles.

Protein content: Derived from peas, mung beans and rice ranging from 13-20 grams per serving depending on the product.

Popular Beyond Meat recipe: Mediterranean skewers

beyond meat mediterranean skewers

Where you can find Beyond Meat products: Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, TGI Fridays, Del Taco, Carl’s Jr. as well as many other local and national grocery store chains and eateries.

Beyond Meat Store Locator

2. Impossible Foods

impossible foods plant-based meat

Impossible Foods offers plant-based ground beef style products. They utilize a proprietary ingredient called heme that was designed to make their meat taste more like the real thing.

Products they offer: At this time they are focused solely on ground beef but a fishless fish product is in the works as well as plant-based deli slices.

Protein content: Derived from soy, potatoes, and heme at 19 grams per serving.

Popular Impossible Foods recipe: Impossible tacos

impossible foods tacos

Where you can find Impossible Foods products: Qdoba, Bar Louie, Red Robin, Little Caesars, Burger King and many local eateries with plans to distribute to grocery stores in late 2019.

Impossible Foods Store Locator

3. Gardein

gardein plant based protein food company

Gardein is a 25 year old company originally founded by a Canadian chef and owned by Pinnacle Foods. Most offerings are certified non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free and kosher as indicated on packaging.

Products they offer: Turk’y cutlets, porkless bites, chik’n nuggets, patties and strips, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, ground beef, burger patties, beef tips, meatballs, crabless cakes, and fishless fish.

Protein content: Varies slightly by product but is predominantly derived from soy, vegetable and pea proteins ranging from 3-15 grams per serving.

Popular Gardein recipe: Mandarin orange peanut & chick’n noodles

gardein mandarin orange asian noodles

Where you can find Gardein products: Target, Walmart, Yard House, Veggie Grill, Johnny Rockets, national grocery store chains as well as smaller chains and eateries.

Gardein Store Locator

4. Morningstar

morning star farms plant based meat

Morning Star is a meatless food brand owned by Kellogg’s that originated some of its products as far back as 1975. Most of their offerings have only all-natural colors and flavors.

Products they offer: Bacon strips, breakfast sausage patties and links, beef crumbles, chorizo crumbles, chicken strips, steak strips, pulled pork, chik’n wings and nuggets, hot dogs and corn dogs, and a large selection of various chik’n and burger patties in various flavors.

Protein content: Varies by individual product but is primarily derived from soy, corn and vegetable protein, with some items containing non-vegan proteins such as egg whites and whey and ranging from 7-27 grams per serving.

Popular Morning Star recipe: Cali breakfast bowl

morningstar mediterranean quinoa avocado salad

Where you can find Morning Star products: Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club and other national grocery store chains as well as smaller chains.

Morning Star Store Locator

5. Quorn

quorn foods plant-based meat company

Quorn is a meat substitute company based out of the UK and owned by Monde Nissin Corporation. They are making big strides towards making all of their packaging 100% recyclable. Most of their food options are non-GMO and soy free.

Products they offer: Breakfast patties, burger patties, chicken nuggets, chicken patties, buffalo dippers, turkey deli slices, meatless crumbles, Italian sausage, meatless roast, brats, meatballs, cutlets, and fishless sticks.

Protein content: Their vegan offerings are primarily derived from Mycoprotein, peas and potatoes while vegetarian items may contain eggs, egg whites and milk ranging from 8-17 grams protein per serving.

Popular Quorn recipe: Crispy sweet & sour nuggets

quorn sweet-n-sour nuggets

Where you can find Quorn products: Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, other national grocery chains as well as smaller regional chains.

Quorn Store Locator

6. Lightlife

lightlife plant-based protein

Lightlife is a pioneer of the plant-based meat movement offering meatless products since 1979. They are headquartered in Turners Falls, MA and are owned by Maple Leaf Foods. Most of their items are certified non-GMO and vegan.

Products they offer: Burgers, hot dogs, organic tempeh, ground beef, sausage, bacon, chicken tenders and a variety of deli slices including ham, turkey, bologna and pepperoni.

Protein content: Derived from pea protein in their new burger patties and ground beef, soy protein isolate, chickpeas and white beans in other items ranging from 7-20 grams protein per serving.

Popular Lightlife recipe: Pasta with plant-based meat

lightlife pasta bolognese

Where you can find Lightlife products: Target, Walmart, Sprouts Farmers Market, Natural Grocers and other national and regional grocery chains.

Lightlife Store Locator

7. Tofurky

tofurky meat alternatives

Tofurky is a meatless brand from Hood River, Oregon that was founded in 1980 and is owned by Turtle Island Foods. Their menu selections are all 100% vegan and non-GMO.

Products they offer: Slow roasted chik’n, deli slices, brats, hotdogs, crumbles, tempeh, signature roasts and a plant based hot pocket.

Protein content: Derived primarily from their organic tofu and soybeans and ranging from 16-29 grams per serving.

Popular Tofurky recipe: Focaccia sandwich

tofurky focaccia sandwich

Where you can find Tofurky products: Whole Foods, Target, Walmart and other national and regional grocery chains.

Tofurky Store Locator

8. Field Roast

field roast plant-based meat

Field Roast is an artisan vegan brand headquartered in Seattle, WA that crafts real meats from plant based ingredients such as grains, vegetables and spices. All items are non-GMO and soy-free.

Products they offer: An array of sausages in flavors such as smoked apple sage, Italian and Mexican chipotle. They also do frankfurters and apple maple breakfast sausage. Deli slice options include smoked tomato, wild mushroom, and lentil sage. You can also opt for their fieldburgers, roasts, loaves and traditional meatloaf. On the appetizer list are mini corndogs and buffalo wings.

Protein content: Pure wheat protein ranging from 10-30 grams per serving depending on the product.

Popular Field Roast recipe: Spicy chipotle sausage chili

field roast chile con carne

Where you can find Field Roast products: Whole Foods, Walmart and other national retail grocers as well as some restaurants.

Field Roast Store Locator

9. Upton’s Naturals

uptons naturals vegan meats

Upton’s Naturals is a 100% vegan-friendly brand with a unique range of products. They are headquartered in Chicago and have a brick and mortar cafe called the Breakroom located at 2054 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60612

Products they offer: A versatile meat substitute using jackfruit in a variety of flavors such as sriracha, BBQ, Thai-curry and chili-lime. Burgers, chicken, chorizo, bacon and Italian style seitan. Last but not least is a vegan beef jerky in tarragon ginger lime, tamarind pepperoni, pineapple pink peppercorn or smoky original flavor.

Protein Content: Textured wheat protein and tofu ranging from 15-25 grams per serving depending on the product.

Popular Upton’s Naturals recipe: BBQ jackfruit mini pizzas

bbq jackfruit mini pizzas

Where you can find Upton’s Naturals products: Whole Foods, Target, and other national and local grocery chains.

Upton’s Naturals Store Locator

10. Good Catch

good catch plant made seafood

Good Catch is an all-vegan brand founded in 2016 that offers 100% plant-based seafood products and is headquartered in Pennsylvania. All items are non-GMO, gluten and dairy free.

Products they offer: A signature line of plant-based tuna that comes in 3 flavors including ‘naked in water’, Mediterranean and oil & herbs. Good Catch also adds omega-3’s and DHA to their products in the form of algae oil. Future plans are in the works for crabless crabcakes, Thai-style sliders and fishless filet patties.

Protein content: Comes from a robust 6-plant legume blend at 14 grams per serving.

Popular Good Catch recipe: Fish-free tuna and quinoa salad

goodcatch fishfree tuna quinoa salad

Where you can find Good Catch products: Whole Foods.

Good Catch Store Locator

11. No Evil Foods

no evil foods plant based meats

No Evil Foods is a 100% vegan, non-GMO plant-based meat brand from Asheville, NC offering a variety of selections that are “small batch, simple, sustainable and kind”.

Products they offer: Products include ‘Comrade Cluck’ vegan shredded chicken, ‘The Stallion’ Italian sausage, ‘El Zapatista’ chorizo sausage, ‘Pit Boss’ pulled BBQ pork and ‘The Pardon’ turkey roast.

Protein content: Derived from beans, wheat berries, and yeast. 18-25 grams per serving depending on the product.

Popular No Evil Foods recipe: Drunken Italian noodles

no evil foods drunken italian noodles

Where you can find No Evil Foods products: Whole Foods and other local and national grocery chains.

No Evil Store Locator

12. Sweet Earth

sweet earth plant-based meats

Sweet Earth is an ‘enlightened foods’ company based out of Pacific Grove, CA offering premium and culinary style options that are fueled by plant-based meats. Most menu items contain only organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Products they offer: Breakfast meats, fresh and frozen burger patties and seitan grounds, strips and slices. These meats are used in their wide selection of pizzas, artisan bowls, burritos, breakfast sandwiches and salad kits.

Protein content: Derived from soy, wheat, legumes, quinoa, edamame and chickpeas depending on the product and ranging from 8-30 grams per serving. *Some of their seitan slices, grounds and strips boast 3.2 times more protein per serving than most other tofu at 27-30 grams.

Popular Sweet Earth recipe: Curry satay Buddha bowl

curry satay buddha bowl

Where you can find Sweet Earth products: Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market, Target, Walmart and other local and national grocery chains.

Sweet Earth Store Locator

13. dr. Praeger’s

dr praegers foods plant-based meat

dr. Praeger’s is an independent, family-owned healthy frozen food brand that was founded in 1992 by a group of practicing doctors. Their plant-based meat items are all certified non-GMO, vegan and kosher.

Products they offer: Burger patties in a wide variety of flavors such as beet, kale, super greens, Asian, Bombay, mushroom risotto, Tex-Mex, California, black bean quinoa and all American. While nuggets come in flavors such as classic, buffalo and BBQ.

Protein content: Derived primarily from pea proteins and other veggie blends ranging from 2-28 grams per serving depending on the product.

Popular dr. Praeger’s recipe: Sweet heat beet burger wraps

dr.praegers beet burger wrap

Where you can find dr. Praeger’s products: Whole Foods as well as other national and regional grocery chains.

dr. Praeger’s Store Locator

14. Yves Veggie Cuisine

yves veggie cuisine plant-based meat

Yves Veggie Cuisine has been providing plant-based meat options for over 20 years and is part of the Hain-Celestial Group of natural products. Most items are vegan, non-GMO and kosher.

Products they offer: Kale and root vegetable burger patties, garden veggie crumbles and veggie hot dogs. Deli slices of bologna, turkey, ham, salami and a vegan pepperoni. Veggie bacon and breakfast sausage patties.

Protein content: Derived from soy proteins, textured wheat proteins, tofu, chickpea flour and a sprouted grain blend depending on product and ranging from 7-15 grams per serving.

Popular Yves Veggie Cuisine recipe: Vegan mushroom cheeseburger

yves vegan mushroom cheeseburger

Where you can find Yves Veggie Cuisine products: Sprouts Farmers Market, Natural Grocers and other local and regional grocery chains.

Yves Veggie Cuisine Store Locator

In Conclusion

Going meatless helps curb widespread environmental degradation, saves the torture of billions of innocent animals and improves our heart health in the process. The evidence is clear that plant-based meats are a big win in many ways!

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