9 Pillars Of The Modern Holistic Health Approach

What Is The Modern Holistic Approach To Health?

The holistic approach is an all-encompassing strategy that improves overall well-being by taking the entire person into account, which includes mind, body and spirit.

The spirit is the magic of this approach that is not typically included or addressed in other health and wellness strategies.

It is a synergy of mind, body and spirit that creates the greatest amount of total possible wellness.

This is an approach where you are encouraged to play an active role in maintaining your own well-being.

We advocate a mix of the latest in proven traditional techniques with a good dose of apps, trackers and streaming for truly efficient wellness solutions.

1. Physical Well-Being

We have outlined some crucial modern fitness tactics that are a foundation for overall wellness.

2. Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine techniques for pain management, detoxification and treating the person, not the symptom.

3. Personalized Nutrition

Personalized nutrition tactics for clean eating, gut microbiome health, organic meal plans and supplementation.

4. Mindfulness Meditation

From traditional methods for deep breathing, visualization and sound meditations, to the latest in meditation tech that includes apps, gadgets and sensors.

5. Emotional Well-Being

Emotional wellness techniques to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and more.

6. Energy Healing

Energy healing practices such as reiki, massage, crystal healing and chakra balancing.

7. Modern Spirituality

How to grow and maintain a spiritual sense and connection which is a crucial component to overall well-being.

8. Energy Cleansing Of Living Spaces

Techniques for reducing indoor pollution and chemical exposure, along with ways to create greater tranquility and balance in your home.

9. Find Your Life’s Purpose

Finding greater purpose and meaning in life through community involvement and activities has been proven to enhance overall well-being.

Note: Different Techniques Are Necessary For Different Individuals

Everyone responds to things a little differently so some will find benefits among certain techniques only to receive less than desired results from another.

It is worth mentioning that a resistance to wanting to participate in a particular wellness activity could indicate an area for greatest improvement.

The key is to find your own unique blend of wellness activities that are most beneficial to you.

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Holistickingdom.com founder
Chris Austin