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Welcome To The Measure Your Physical Wellness Assessment Quiz!

This quiz was created in order to help you discover where you may have room for improvement in physical wellness attributes and is not a full health assessment or diagnosis. When finished you will receive your results immediately so please answer all 25 questions. These questions were drawn from an extensive review of medical and scientific journals relating to the subject of wellness. Please enter your email to begin.

How often do you exercise?
Have you had a gut microbiome analysis to measure your digestive health?
Do you eat 'clean' and healthy consistently?
Do you stretch thoroughly on a regular basis?
Do you do cardiovascular exercise regularly?
Do you know your current body fat percentage?
Do you follow a healthy diet plan?
Do you have blood analysis labs done regularly?
Have you had your liver function tested?
Do you find it easy to make time for physical activity?
Do you feel too tired and/or exhausted following physical activity?
Are you a proportionate weight for your body frame/style?
What is your typical stress/anxiety level?
Do you detox from digital devices periodically?
Do you use mind/body or natural medicine practices for pain relief and other benefits?
How often do you get headaches?
How often do you experience workout burnout?
How often do you have your blood pressure checked?
Do you have mood swings?
Do you sleep through the night and wake up refreshed?
Do you have your heart health checked regularly?
Do you suffer from gas, bloating, IBS or other digestive issues?
Do you regularly monitor the air in your home for pollutants?
How often do you spend quality time in nature?
Do you consider yourself to be physically fit?