How Energy Healing Works And The Top Modalities

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing has to do with addressing the health of the cellular level of the body.

Human beings at our core are a collection of cells such as atoms, protons and electrons which are pure energy. (source)

Energy healing aims to improve ultimately how your entire being functions on this level.

It addresses the quality of cellular communication with the goal of improving the outward physical manifestation.

Where the approach would be the modalities used (such as reiki and crystals), the healing would be what is created by doing the approach.

Receiving energy healing treatments can be very rewarding and result in greater self-understanding and self-transformation.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

energy healing session

Energy healing essentially involves dissolving ‘energetic blocks’ in the cellular level of the body bringing them from dysfunction or discord back into functionality.

Discord and dysfunction (things that need to be healed) could be in any part of the physiological, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of your being.

These parts are inextricably interconnected and interdependent, meaning that dysfunction in one aspect of the being can and will have implications that are manifested in other areas.

This unwanted energetic dysfunction of cells in our bodies can manifest as ailments and disease.

However, it is scientifically proven that we can reprogram aspects of ourselves all the way to this atomic/energetic level. (source)

This reprogramming and optimizing of the energetic level is what energy healing seeks to do.

For example someone might have an emotional issue that triggers a mental reaction such as stress thus causing a physical ailment such as pain.

Being not of physical form an emotion is of course energetic or metaphysical in nature and thus what is treated with energy healing techniques.

Once the emotional difficulty is addressed and dealt with properly, the mental issue subsides and then the physical ailment will be diminished.

With energy healing the metaphysical aspects of a person are addressed first and foremost in order to help resolve a given issue.

Energy healing seeks to treat the root cause of the issue and not just the symptom based on this idea of interconnectedness of the aspects of a human being.

Understanding the interconnectedness of our being is becoming much more commonly accepted in the medical world as being an important part of a holistic approach to health. (source)

Special note: Energy healing is a complementary approach to wellness and should never take the place of professional medical care.

5 Popular Modalities Of Energy Healing

Different energy healing modalities can have a variety of positive results.

For the most part, however, they all have one thing in common and that is to benefit the cellular level of the body.

Positive shifts in cellular frequency being created on the energetic level cause healing and even personal transformations.

People seek energy healing for a vast array of implications from the serious illness to the quest for greater self-knowledge.

The following are some of the most popular and well known energy healing techniques:

1. Chakra Balancing

chakra energy centers

A human being is thought to have 7 main energy centers located from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

These 7 main chakras regulate the flow of energy associated with many important aspects of overall well-being. A chakra tune-up aims to have you feeling more balanced in these important aspects.

Buddha Groove Chakra Healing Singing Bowls

Buddha Groove offers a 7 Chakra Healing Singing Bowl Set that focuses on clearing, balancing and realigning the chakra energy system.

2. Kundalini Yoga

kundalini yoga practitioner

This is a popular variation of the yogic tradition focusing on breath work, postures, and chanting.

Kundalini is a source in the energetic body that can have many positive benefits when activated. The goal of kundalini yoga is to learn to activate and utilize the full potential of this energy.

My Yoga Works Kriya Kundalini

yoga works logo

My Yoga Works offers kriya kundalini yoga classes that are available online and on demand, taught by the accomplished and renowned teacher Kara Looney.

Shambhala Publications

Shambhala Publications offers a very insightful book called “Living With Kundalini” by Gopi Krishna that takes a deep dive into the topic.

3. Acupressure


Acupressure is a form of energy healing that seeks to dissolve energetic blockages through the application of pressure on specific ‘meridian’ points on the body.

It is similar to acupuncture only not involving needles. Massage, stretching and the use of special devices are all differing forms of acupressure.

Acupressure Mats By White Lotus

White Lotus offers high quality, award winning acupressure mats made with memory foam which can create the benefits of acupressure without the need for an appointment.

4. Reiki

reiki healing touch symbol

Reiki in its various forms, as it is practiced and applied by a qualified practitioner guides powerful life force energy, also called chi or ki through the entire being and aura.

The intention is to help create better energy flow and dissolve energetic blockages.

Reiki Practitioner Locator

iarp reiki

IARP offers a free global locator service to help you find a qualified reiki practitioner near you, wherever you may be in the world.

5. Crystal Healing

crystal healing technique

Crystals of all different kinds are purported to have their own specific benefits for healing.

A crystal healer will use a variety of crystals placed in specific locations on the body depending on the desired result.

Energy Muse Crystal Healing Sets

Energy Muse offers a nice selection of premium, hand-crafted crystal healing sets for a variety of metaphysical and spiritual purposes.

Energy Healing And The Human Spirit

human spirit

From a spiritual point of view, the over arching goal of energy healing is to discover and unleash all the magic residing in the body’s cellular energy that has been there longing to come alive and express itself.

This helps to release negative inner thought constructs that attempt to constrict and say that total well-being is not possible.

Gradually one can begin to open and unlock unused potential and come into better alignment with their truest self expression called the higher self.

The end result is that the world and universe responds in kind to the more positive energy that is given off from you that will only increase over time as energy healing is continued.

Healing in this way creates more than just a temporary balance. Over time a complete restructuring of the connection between body, mind and spirit can occur.

Explore the world of energy healing and discover power, clarity, hidden talents, compassion, and remarkable self assurance that cause a total loss of limitation.

In Conclusion: More To Come In The Future Of Energy Healing

Energy healing has grown massively in popularity around the world and much is still developing within this field of study and practice.

Estimates from 2016 showed that more than 40% of adults had used complementary alternative medicine such as energy healing in some form. (source)

The search for healing and the creation of a harmonious inner-being environment remain on the forefront of modern wellness heading into the future.

It is not a quick fix but a more permanent solution involving raising consciousness and positive vibrations which might be best described as a quest or journey.

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