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Does Modern Technology Help Or Hinder Spirituality?

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Are Spirituality And Technology Finally Merging Together? In our modern world we are seeing two cultural movements that appear, on the surface, to be in opposition of each other. On the one hand you have a sort of grassroots spirituality that is decidedly non-religious and on the other a technological renaissance. These seemingly odd partners Read More …

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Wellness Trends For The Holistic Health Approach In 2018

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2017 proved to be a breakout year for modern day wellness. The ‘take charge of your health’ flag was hoisted across social and mainstream media alike. This mantra signaled a surge in interest for wellness knowledge and techniques among an ever-widening demographic. This new era of health and wellness witnessed in 2017 shall continue to Read More …

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How To Ultra Personalize Your Nutrition With Smart Technology

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What Is Personalized Nutrition? Personalized nutrition using the latest in smart technology is a burgeoning wellness market segment that aims to help you take the guess work out of your nutritional needs. It involves receiving personalized dietary recommendations from a licensed nutritionist, personalized meal plans and custom recipes. The unique-to-the-individual nutrition suggestions are then made after Read More …